Today in the city Ash Flat 19.04.2018
Sister Jean Let Loyola License Her Name, Image, Didn't Ask for Compensation

Sister Jean Delores Schmidt gave Loyola-Chicago officials clearance to license her name and image on merchandise this week, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell. Loyola-Chicago Senior Associate Athletic...

Self-taught rocket-maker shoots himself 1,875 feet to prove Earth is flat

A self-taught rocket scientist who believes the Earth is flat and wants to run for California governor shot himself up about 1,875 feet in the air in his homemade rocket on Saturday.

Flat earther launches homemade rocket 1,875 feet into the sky - CNET

After a number of failed attempts, flat earth "researcher" Mike Hughes got his homemade rocket 1,875 feet into the air!

Flat-Earther Launched Himself Into the Sky and Somehow Managed to Not Die

A DIY steam rocket enthusiast and flat-earther launched himself far into the Californian sky all in the name of the cause.

175 Years Ago The First Modern Tunnel Was Built, Inspired By A Burrowing Animal

175 years ago the first modern tunnel was opened to the public. Its successful construction was inspired by a burrowing animal.

Here Are 5 Questions To Ask At Your Next Meeting

It takes confidence and courage to ask questions during a meeting. Here are 5 questions that will lead to better outcomes at your next meeting.

How To Ask The Question 'What Does This Job Pay?'

Exactly how -- and when -- should you ask the question "What does this job pay?" Here are the details!

40 Questions To Ask A Mentor

Have conversations with your mentor gotten repetitive? Don’t write off the relationship too quickly. Here are 40 questions to ask your mentor in order to keep your conversations interesting and valua...

Here Are 5 Questions To Ask Before Dating A Co-Worker

It's tempting to want to date a co-worker, especially if realize you get along and make each other laugh. But, it's important to think twice before first date. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

The Best 2018 NBA Draft Prospects Remaining in the March Madness Field

NBA scouts will be paying close attention to the NCAA tournament's Sweet 16, despite many big names having already been knocked out of March Madness.  Each of our top 10 prospects remaining could...

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